Video. Cat and one pear with alcohol

In every city in parks, public gardens and other seating areas we see as municipal animals try to find to itself food, that fed in winter.

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And the world not without kind people. Feeding troughs that help pussies and пернатым to outlive a winter hang on trees. It would seem all very simply, but funny situations happen here. A squirrel that came to the feeding trough and found out delicious pears with a surprise became the hero of today’s video. A surprise consisted in that pears were already semifresh and had a taste of home-brewed beer, because lie a long ago.

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To the squirrel it was certainly however and certainly from starvation, ate their greater part. And began here! That a squirrel had in a head, what helicopters she caught, but her expression of muzzle it is said that it was very good her. After the caught helicopters, a squirrel understood that the stopped is not thereon needed and began to eat up.

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It is sorry that video made off, and so it would be desirable to look, that it happened with her, when she finished up all pears. Look our videos about animals.


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