Video. How kids play hard music

The younger generation is amazing. It is especially striking that young children play rock music and even specific metal. Here is such a positive morning today from 3 videos that we highly recommend watching. I will not describe further, since these invigorating videos are better to see.


Metallica performed by children. Amazing performance of children on the line in the 1st grade.

Shocking performance. More precisely, a delightful performance by a 4-year-old boy from Turkey on the Turkish counterpart «Minute of Glory». It amazes not only his age, correct motor skills (like a professional drummer), but also the fact that the boy fully understands what he is playing, how to play, and is even prone to improvisation (the action begins from the 4th minute of the video).


A six-year-old girl sings a hell of a TRASH. This is the American «glory minute». The song is called Zombie Skin, which the girl wrote herself.

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