Video. Interview with women. How much should a man earn?

My best gift is me!


This is what girls who dream of a knight in a white Mercedes think. Women who cannot achieve anything in life begin to look for a husband with good income. So they themselves think that they are looking for a husband, but really just a sponsor, disguising themselves well.


If you ask any girl what she can give in return for a well-to-do life on the part of a man, then almost everyone will answer that they can give themselves. Agree, this sounds very silly. You have to face the truth. Many can give themselves!


The heroine of this video, perhaps, responded with dignity after thinking a little, although she could be in those 99% percent of the girls mentioned above.


Yes, girls, wealthy men expect you to control family happiness and order. To know 100% that family issues at home will be fully resolved while a man earns a lot of money

It’s a pity that the video is the opinion of one girl. I would like from the interview a little more opinions of different girls, different age categories. Well, if this topic touched you so much, it is worth looking for more similar videos.


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