Video. The cat is burning, the dog is crying

It is impossible to look at it without tears.

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Every time I turn on a video with animals, it ends with hysterical laughter and tears in my eyes. These funny animals are dotted with amuse and it happens every day. If anyone has animals, you just look at them and your animals will also bring you hysterical.

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The cat from our video was playing with the dog today, which is interesting in itself, but his lack of caution almost burned down the whole house. But something still burned out, namely the tail of this very cat. How it happened is very simple. The dog is near the table, the cat is on the table, where a candle is burning. One awkward turn, one moment and the cat’s tail lights up. It would seem that the cat should be scared and run around the house like crazy, but no, he just looks at his tail while it burns out. Well, how can you look at this without laughing.

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