Video. This is the most realistic robot dance

In ancient times, when there were still castles, kings and courtiers, it was considered good form to be able to dance at least a few dances. This showed the education of the person. his belonging to high society.

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But those days are long gone and now only those who specifically go to dance clubs can truly dance, and there are very few of them. Basically, young people who are growing up do not see the point in this. All they can do is just chaotic movements in nightclubs. We will bring ourselves to the point that we will simply become without stuffy pieces of wood.

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The same cannot be said about really soulless creatures — robots. Scientists and robotics from Boston Dynamics Robots taught their robots to dance. It immediately seemed to me that it was boring and boring, but after watching the video, I really had fun. Very realistic dance and funny too. Not one robot is involved in the dance, but all the best developments of the company. This is how scientists celebrated the coming of 2021. Last year was not the best for them, but they took a new path and are hoping for new successful achievements. They will obviously succeed.

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